Zhongba, Tibet

2022 - Ni-Cu-PGM-Co exploration program in the Disko-Nuussuaq area of West Greenland

In 2022, Arctic Planning worked with Bluejay Mining plc to implement a field program in the Disko-Nuussuaq area in West Greenland. With approximately 15 people on staff during the field season (everything from cooks to geologists), we were ultimately responsible for building and operating a camp for 25 people, HSE in the field, liasing with local communities, fuel storage and management, and boat, machinery and helicopter operations.

Zhongba, Tibet

2019-2022 - Gold exploration program at Saqqaq Greenland

Arctic Planning has been working with the Indian company Zawar Natural Resources Pvt Ltd since 2019, managing their gold exploration project near Saqqaq in West Greenland. In 2021, Arctic Planning planned and implemented a  geological field campaign, samples were collected and sent for analysis, and a NI 43-101 technical report was prepared using the services of Helvetica Exploration Services GmbH, and vG Geoconsult.

Zhongba, Tibet

2019 – Tibet large-scale solar plant commissioning

In 2019, I worked with the Danish company Arcon-Sunmark, a leader within the solar heating field. This project involved the commissioning of a large-scale district heating installation in the town of Zhongba, located in western Tibet, at approximately 4760 m elevation. Due to the remoteness and high elevation of the work site, I prepared a pre-travel risk assessment and emergency plan. I also provided on-site support to Arcon-Sunmark personnel during the three-week project in Tibet.

preparing for helicopter sling

2018 - OLIMPO balloon-borne telescope retrieval

In 2018, we worked with a group of international researchers from Italy and Sweden to deploy an array of high altitude airborne instruments. We provided pre-flight logistical and cost scenarios to aid with flight planning and decision making regarding potential landing areas and recovery options. Upon completion of the flight, we travelled to the landing site on Ellesmere Island in Canada and coordinated a recovery of the ca. 5000 kg of equipment using several aircraft and invaluable local support.

drill platform on Nalunaq

2017 - Drill program coordination

In 2017, I worked with a Canadian-based mineral exploration company to help them plan and coordinate fieldwork as a precursor to setting up a mine in South Greenland. This phase of the project incorporated a drilling campaign in extremely steep mountain terrain and involved workers from Greenland, Denmark, Canada, Iceland and Great Britain.

Warming Land, north Greenland

2016 - North Greenland expedition

In 2016, we created a one-off research expedition covering approximately 2500 km around West and North Greenland. Travel for the 18 participants was based on helicopter and aircraft charters, while accommodation varied depending on location. We provided all planning, budgeting, purchasing, aircraft charters and on-site field coordination.