Benjamin C. Wilkins

Managing director

Quttinirpaaq National Park, Ellesmere Island, Canada

I have been providing consulting and logistics services since 2009, planning and coordinating a variety of operations, primarily in Greenland and Canada but also internationally. Importantly, I have worked on-site for most of these projects. This work has spanned various fields, from geological research and mineral exploration to climate change research and private expeditions, in both the non-profit and private setting. This experience provides me with uniquely qualified insight into the specific project requirements and challenges of remote operations and enables me to effectively understand the demands of a wide variety of projects, not only in the High Arctic but anywhere self-sufficiency is essential. Most importantly, it has provided me with a large network of local operators that are almost always the key to success in remote areas.


Projects in remote environments require local knowledge and services. To this end, we work with several local operators to ensure project success.

Ilulissat Project Services

Ilulissat Greenland

Quttinirpaaq National Park, Ellesmere Island, Canada

Ilulissat Project Services (IPS), owned and operated by Jørgen Søndergaard, has a long history of providing logistics services up and down the West Coast of Greenland. Using a vast network of local operators, and extensive knowledge of the area, IPS has worked successfully with a multitude of international companies and private expeditions. IPS is a key local partner for Arctic Planning.